Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mommy Balali Holds the Future of the Silverbacks in Her Hands

After the devastating massacre of five gorillas last month; a glimmer of hope is shining through, following the birth of a baby boy gorilla to a family of mountain apes in Congo's Virunga National Park. The gorilla was born on August 21 to Balali -- the only female gorilla in a group of apes known to researchers as the Munyaga family.

Nine mountain gorillas have been killed in the park since January; a tragedy for a species that is estimated to number in the hundreds. Only about 700 mountain gorillas are believed to remain in the world; with the majority (380) living in DRC.

While we strive to bring light to the plight of our people in the DRCongo, our friends at Wildlife Direct work hard to ensure that native animals like the Mountain Gorilla and the Hippopotamus don't go the way of the dinosaurs. Congo Rangers risk life and limb daily in order to protect these animals. Check out how Joseph Aloma, Elie Mundima, Atamato and other Congo Rangers endeavor to keep these endangered creatures safe. These rangers endure frequent attacks on their posts, threats to their lives, and deaths of their fellow rangers -- all to protect Central Africa's animals. Around here, that's what we call CONGO STRONG!!

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