Friday, November 14, 2008

Nations failing on Congo crisis

Nations are abdicating their responsibility by failing to provide enough military aid to the U.N. mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo as it struggles to stop brutal violence, the head of Oxfam International in the Congo said Thursday.

"There appears to be no urgency in the international community's talks on the crisis, but this is a deeply urgent situation. The world is failing in its responsibility to protect the Congo's innocent civilians," Juliette Prodhan said in a written statement.

"There has been an increase in incidents of forced labor, rape and widespread brutality," according to assessments carried out by the humanitarian group over the past week, Prodhan said. "Armed men from all sides prey upon those who have sought 'sanctuary' from the fighting in North Kivu (province)."

Fighting broke out in the province at the end of August between government forces and rebels led by Gen. Laurent Nkunda.

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