Thursday, December 4, 2008

Model Spotlight: Noella Coursaris Musunka

Some of you might be thinking where is Congo in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the fashion world. We're barely seen behind the scenes; as designers, producers, the crew and lastly, models. Well we're out there and I happen to stumble across some drop dead gorgeous, underestimated talent. This is the first post in the Spotlight Model series.

Meet Noella Coursaris Musunka
"Noella Coursaris Musunka began her journey on the soil of the congo where a Congolese mother and Cyprus father brought her into this world.This example of Femine pulchritude embodies the zest, the vim and spontaineity of women that know they are inherently beautiful. As you would come to see,Noella burst with radiant energy and ardant love for life and humanity, in person and spurring out of her pictures, This Vigour extends to her professional as well as personal life.

Noella is perceived by many as a vessel of the enrichment darting from transculturalism. The congolese born, swiss educated , got her modeling career started off after she did the Agent Provocateur campaign , the well known lingerie compagnie.

Cheeky,hard working,focused such is Noella as a model. Her works include projects with entities such as IPOD,Virgin Mobile,Barclays,CDS covers... Various covers and magazines such as Cosmopolitan,Essence,GQ,New Women,Vixen, Mens Health,Arena,Pride... She also participated to a few video projects,the latest being the video of renowned UK artist Craig David.

Resolute,levelheaded and ambitious such is Noella as a business person.

Noella desires to utilize being one of the rare congolese model succesful internationaly and exercice social leadership in the Congo. She hopes to start a residential institution for the care and education of orphans.

They say that a book is a story for the mind and a song a story for the soul,Noella is a story for the eyes.

Somewhere from the heaven,her dearly loved father must be smiling at the unfolding of events in his daughter's life.

Written by Frederic N'sienie

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