Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nappy Luv 7.5

North Carolina radio stations join in as awareness gala and concert
gives revelers opportunity to affect the environment by bringing dead
cell phones to events.

Charlotte, North Carolina, March 24, 2009 – On April 11 & 12, 2009
national recording artist and poet Amanda Diva will join Grammy-Award
Winning producer 9th Wonder, his artist Median, Jocelyn Ellis and
others in an effort to bring attention to the wildlife and humanity
being threatened by the world’s thirst for consumer electronics.

Nappy Luv 7.5 is an annual event series that molds music, art, dance,
fashion and poetry in to one festive occasion. This year’s efforts are
aimed at bringing attention to the technological resource based war in
the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Coltan is a metallic ore used in the making of such consumer
electronics as cell phones and lap tops. Over 80% of the world’s
supply of coltan can be found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Illegal mining of coltan occurs largely in wildlife-protected areas
throughout the Congo. Not only does the activity in these areas
threaten the natural habitat of the wildlife, there is a human cost as
well. Most mining is done by hand and by women and children.

The cost is not only seen abroad. The average life span of a cell
phone in the U.S. is less than 18 months resulting in hundreds of
millions being replaced yearly while fewer than 10% are re-used or
recycled. Cell phones contain hazardous materials and the “e-waste” is
dumped in to landfills throughout the U.S.

Radio stations on the campuses of UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University and
North Carolina State University have begun asking their listeners to
party with a purpose by showing up to the events with dead cell phones
that can be recycled.

About Nappy Luv 7.5

The Charlotte stop for Nappy Luv 7.5 is being billed as "The
Photo.Conscious Edition and will be held April 11, 2009 at the
Hart-Witzen Art Gallery and Theater at 116 W. 36TH Street in the
city's arts district, NoDa. A who's who of Charlotte 's politically
engaged socialites, tastemakers and creative class will enjoy an open
bar catered event featuring live performances and art before partying
the rest of the night away while models wearing fashions of DRC144k
conduct a photo shoot in the background.

On April 12th the show moves to the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, North
Carolina for Nappy Luv 7.5: The Bloody Tech-Knowledge-Y Concert
featuring host and performer Amanda Diva, Hip-Hop artist Median,
Grammy Award winning producer 9th Wonder, urban folk starlet Jocelyn
Ellis featuring band Alpha Theory, soulstress Lizh, and many more.

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